Monthly Archives: September 2015


1914, London you gave birth to a tease,
Fifth of seven children,
A victim of her own unease,
Formed herself against everything in her bewildering.

1932, what a disgrace to her family,
Shocked them with her flattering hair,
Shocked them with her handshakes so clamilly,
Only to wake up as an exhibition, isn’t that unfair?

1934, love knocked on her heart core made of wood,
It welcomed itself into her dejected soul,
Infront of her a man of  evil stood,
He took her hand and threw her in a black hole.

1939, Bloodshed was constructed in his rough hands,
She only wanted to take a dip in the waters of his ocean-blue eyes,
Couldn’t bare to look at the obliteration of her lands,
So she pulled the trigger in behalf of her demise.


For My Only Friend

Under the dreary sky,
I stand meaningless beside you,
My head tilted down at my feet
With a stare that says nothing
Washes my lungs with rain,
But I remain the same with the conclusion,
To compound words is dull,
So I stand lifeless beside you.

Morbid as the dawn is,
It lays it’s filthy hands on my shoulders
As if it wasn’t enough to carry the moon
With nothing but my puny body,
So once again I stand speechless beside you.

I lost many people on the way to freedom,
I lost my infinite soul,
I’m not ready to lose what I only have,
So I stand nowhere else but beside you.