Eulogy For The Half Dead

Under the lifeless moon
have i broken life’s truthful moment?
A man’s dream to be loved, it seems
is nothing but my nihilistic sight
and if he, who i seek on the streets, finds love on his winsome gloves
am i left inexorably reaching for life, while the only thing i have is death?
O, beholden the eulogy for the half dead
reckless it is through the words written by wrinkled hands.
And as my youth passes with the wind
i am left with nothing but to wonder
is there life for this fragile hope of mine?


About whatsername

Sadness somehow squeezed itself into this decomposed heart of mine and as soon as it stepped into the lonely rooms of my soul all doors shut bringing home a present of infinite winter. A legend once said to paint beamish words on a piece of paper so sadness may find it's place on a shelf between made up stories and ring the truth of infinite sadness. View all posts by whatsername

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